• vhhm

    “I'm extremely impressed with Sphere India’s extensive experience and capacities across 155 member organizations 805 associate members and 1.8 lakh community volunteers. With a goal of 1 million trained volunteers this is truly a locally empowered network and extremely impressive”

    Mr. Shombi Sharp, Resident Coordinator (India), UN
  • cgj

    “Work that Sphere India does overarches the efforts done by the government by establishing a connection with the community through the networks of NGOs, in this realm Sphere India is doing a great job”

    Major General Kumar Bindal, Former Executive Director, NIDM
  • ADA

    “Sphere has set some gold standards when it comes to preparedness, response, resilience building, and community participation. Almost every aspect of work in the humanitarian space have been touched by this network and I know that we have the capability and the intent to walkthrough collectively”

    Mr. Mohammed Asif, Chairperson of Executive Committee, Sphere India

List of Member Organisations

Sphere India

Sphere India recognises that sector committees, collaborative advocacy approach and IAG level intervention is crucial in promoting the principles of quality and accountability of collective humanitarian action at the time of conflict and disasters.

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For membership queries, you may contact kennedy@sphereindia.org.in

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