Collaborative Advocacy

Collaborative Advocacy Vertical

started of as a Collaborative Advocacy Program in 2010 to bring focus on Collaborative Humanitarian Advocacy. Through CA, a number of organisation come together and coordinate effectively providing timely support for an ongoing crisis, to the affected population and help them obtain access to assistance and response conforming to their right to life and dignity.

The steering committee for Collaborative Advocacy includes CARE India, EFICOR, Caritas India, IGSSS, ACF, IPPF South Asia, Action AID India and CBM. 

Broad Objectives under CA Vertical:

  1. Mobilize and sensitize different stakeholders on humanitarian principles and standards

  2. Humanitarian advocacy during disasters for rights and entitlements of affected people focusing on excluded /marginalized and most vulnerable groups.

  3. Policy advocacy for development of inclusive and appropriate policy.

  4. Advocacy on silent humanitarian situations and disasters like drought, malnutrition and other extreme development situations in which people are living below minimum standards of dignity.

List of Member Organisations

Sphere India

Sphere India recognises that sector committees, collaborative advocacy approach and IAG level intervention is crucial in promoting the principles of quality and accountability of collective humanitarian action at the time of conflict and disasters.

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