Vision & Mission

  • vision

    Sphere India envisions a Disaster Resilient India with an effective and efficient Disaster MAnagement System accountable to affected and at risk population to protect, assist and enable crisis affected people to rebuild their lives with dignity. 

  • mission

    Enhance the collaborative accountability of humanitarian and DRR actors in India to affected populations by developing systems for effective and efficient humanitarian and DRR coordination, predictable humanitarian finance, appropriate policy, knowledge and capacity sharing.



Sphere India is an expression of our collective (whole of society) commitment towards quality and accountability to those we seek to assist (affected/at risk people) and law of the land. We expect to be held accountable to this commitment and undertake to:

  • Develop and promote Multi Stakeholder, Multi Sector platforms at all levels (National, State, Districts & Communities) for coordination for resilience building.
  • Develop systems, processes, and institutionalization tools to enhance quality and accountability of humanitarian, DRR, Development and Resilience actions
  • Take all possible steps to prevent and reduce suffering and losses arising due to natural calamities and man-made disasters by supporting coordination of unified efforts of all stakeholders.
  • Develop collaborative Strategic plans and vision linked to national and global goals, document and report collective progress and learning on it
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Sphere India

Sphere India recognises that sector committees, collaborative advocacy approach and IAG level intervention is crucial in promoting the principles of quality and accountability of collective humanitarian action at the time of conflict and disasters.

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