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How is complementarity assured?

Several mechanisms are in place to ensure that the work of each initiative is harmonised sensibly. For example, all the initiatives come together twice a year to review their respective workplans and to discuss overlaps and gaps. The minutes from these meetings are posted on each of the initiatives’ websites. HAP, People In Aid, Groupe URD and Sphere are all Full Members of ALNAP and are in constant touch through circulars, e-mail and face to face meetings. The ALNAP Biannual Meetings provide a forum for regular updates and discussing work-plans. There is also crossover on various working groups – for example HAP was on the Working Group of the ALNAP Global Participation Study and is also a member of People In Aid. During 2006 Sphere participated in the Editorial Steering Committee for the development of HAP standards. HAP, Sphere and ALNAP are all in an advisory group to ECB. Increasingly, the initiatives are looking at ways of working together on certain projects and in certain countries.