Uttarakhand Emergency Coordination

Information from Sphere India / Uttarakhand IAG and Member agencies
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Situation Reports:
20 July, 2013 Situation Report-8
17 July, 2013 Situation Report-7
08 July, 2013 Situation Report-6
02 July, 2013 Situation Report-5
26 June, 2013 Situation Report-4
21 June, 2013 Situation Report-3
19 June, 2013 Situation Report-2
17 June, 2013 Situation report-1
URS Matrix:
UK URS Matrix(20.07.2013)
District Wise UK URS Matrix (20.07.2013)
URS Response matrix(17.07.2013)
District wise UK URS Response matrix(17.07.2013)
URS Response Matrix(08.07.2013) Uttarakhand URS Matrix (27.06.2013)


Other Information:
List of District and Block Level Focal Points in UK (20.08.2013)
Common Format for Agencies Information Compilation (20.08.2013)
Minutes of Meeting with hounorable CM of Uttarakhand (16.08.2013)
Concept Note submitted to hounorable CM of Uttarakhand(16.08.2013)
District, Block, Village wise impact status (02.07.2013)
Sitrep: Earthquake tremors in Uttarakhand and Nicobar Islands (28.06.2013)
List of Casualities in Kedar Ghati (27.06.2013)
List of Villages Damaged (27.06.2013)
Sphere Focal Points UK (27.06.2013)
Minutes of Emergency Meeting of State IAG UK (19.06.2013)
Multisector Joint Assessment Process
Uttarakhand Joint Shelter Assessment Report (23 August, 2013)
Concept Note
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Annexure Map 2
Annexure Map 3
Annexure Map 4
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Pithoragarh District Information (18.08.2013)





















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Uttarakhand Emergency Coordination Update (27.06.2013)
Following to the emergency coordination meetings conducted at Dehdradun on 24th June and at New Delhi on 25th June, certain key decisions were undertaken by the groups in order to improve coordination mechanism and effective humanitarian response to the crisis. Read More...

Expression of Solidarity

The State of Uttarakhand has been severely affected by floods and landslides following the torrential rainfall in the region since Friday, 14 June 2013. The monsoons have arrived 20 days early in the State bringing in 60 hours of nonstop rainfall. Incidents of Cloudbursts and landslides across the state have led to the current death toll being raised to 102 in the region. Increasing levels of water in two main rivers of the State, namely Alakhnanda and Bhagirathi, have also resulted in the collapse of bridges, and damaging and washing away of property. READ MORE...